Football League System: Italy

 Italy has established a league system for all football associations. This is called the Italian Football League System or the Italian Football Pyramid. A lot of teams comprised the league and they are grouped together by level and position. Their level and position will be based from professionalism and achievement. The system is characterized as pyramid because it is consisted with different levels and positions. It is specified as divisions. And, of course, primarily, each team wants to be on the top.

The topmost division in the Italian Football League System is the Seria A. It is seconded by Serie B, then Lega Pro down to Serie D, Eccellenza, Promozione, Prima Categoria, Seconda Categoris and lastly, the third category division. Leagues comprising the division Seria A through Lega Pro are categorized as the professional leagues. On the other hand, leagues comprising the division Serie D down to the third category are classified as non-professional leagues.

Points are given to a league who successfully shoot the ball into the net. In the system, there is the principle of promotion and relegation. And, every team has an opportunity to be promoted or even relegated.

Historically, in the year 1898, the first football association in Italy was set up. This is the Italian Football Federation but later called as Federazione Italiana Giuoco Calcio, FIGC). FIFA was established in 1904 and FIGC joined FIFA a year later, 1905.

In the beginning, only few (around four) clubs are joining though some other clubs existed. But after World War I, the football game grew and became more popular, encouraging other clubs to join.