The Rules and Regulations of Football

Like any other game, the football game has set rules and regulations too. First of all, football is played by the teams. Each team consists of 11 members and there shall be seven substitutes. Players shall be equipped with shorts, jersey and shin guards. One match lasts for 90 minutes plus stoppage time. To win a team must score more goals than the opposing team. And to get a goal score, the ball must get into the goal line. The football field is rectangular, consists of side lines and end lines,

corners, midline, penalty area. and goal area. Meanwhile, the size of the field can be modified. In an official game, the referee makes the calls and controls the time of the game. Linesmen are the ones who decides whom  the kick is leading out of the sidelines or end lines. The ball comes into three general sizes – 3, 4 and 5. To start the game, the ball is placed at the center and a team passes the ball forward to begin the play.

The opposing team is not allowed to enter the center circle until the ball is in play. If you are fouled outside the 18 yard box, a free kick is awarded. If you are fouled inside the box, a penalty kick is awarded too. The ball is apt to be out of play when the ball completely left the field. Otherwise, it is still considered in play. There are minor and major fouls and it is the referee who gives the decision by a yellow or red card.