Fun and interesting facts about football

How much do you know about football? If you will have a challenge questions about football of about twenty, how many do you think you can answer right? But we will not give you some questions today. We have searched for a fun and good video for you to know about football. Short and fun videos are very nice and you can watch together with your kids if you have any especially this video below.

You can learn many things in this cute video about football. One of the fact they let us know is where the first football was played. It was in a prison that the prisoners do not have a hand as they were chopped off so they invent a game they can play. Football was the one as they can only play it with their feet. They first used also the paper version of balls but changed it when it becomes wet when the weather is not good. One sad thing that happened was when lightning struck at a football field in Congo and as a result, the whole team died. This catering restaurant has all the available meals you love. Try to visit their page 餐飲 證照 from here. This is good and serve you the best.

What is surprising was that the other team was not harmed but there are others who incur burns. In one competition, the team of India cannot play the game because they are barefoot. Also after the competition, they go to this cater company 外燴. If you want to know more about football and our country  and you will find the articles you can read.