History of A.S.D. Licata Football Club

A.S.D Licata Football Club 1931 faced a dramatic rise and fall in the history of football in Italy. How was this established? There were group of students who have knowledge in football game came to organize a football team in 1931. Of course, as a new foundation, they could not just reach the star without any effort.

In 1967, the football club changed name to Polisportiva Licata. They have been playing as a small group until they were admitted in the professional league when they attained Serie C1. The first rank they were in is Serie D, a good beginning rank, in 1981. That was the beginning of their story.

In 1985, there was an immediate promotion from Serie D to Serie C2, when Zdenek Zeman was the coach. Around that time, football games were at its peak so the football players composed themselves under coach Aldo Cerantola who earned points for C1.

Eventually, the team was promoted to C1, having Francesco Scorssa as the coach, reached Serie B, landing as the ninth place, the highest ranked the club ever reached in history. They were even blessed to match against the Champion Football of Milan. This attracted the media for the remarkable rise of the team since they have reached Serie B from Serie D for only 7 years of playing.

However, there was a slow down that happened in the club. They went down to C1 in 1990 and C2 and in 1992, disqualified in 1993 and failure to enroll in Amateur in 1994. The ‘shining years’ ended. This was not the end….

After trying to be restored, luckily in 2006, the team won the Sicilian Excellence Championship and this lead them to begin again from Serie D. Within 2007-2008, Giuseppe Deni became the president of the club. In 2009-2010 as the Excellence Championship, the team played play-off promotion and in 2010-2011, the team withdrew from the competition.